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Feast and Famine: A Vicious Cycle

When all is said and done, marketing is about communicating with people—people who buy your products and services. That's Black Ink.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs find their businesses in the never-ending feast-and-famine cycle. You know—you’re so busy providing services or selling products to your customers that you don’t have time to market. But without marketing, you don’t find new clients or get repeat business from your current or former clients. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. ad nauseam...

What’s an entrepreneur like you to do?

Get Some Black Ink


Black Ink Marketing is a boutique firm that helps you to control your revenue cycles with continuous marketing efforts targeted to your industry and the needs of your customers. We work as your one-stop marketing department so you can focus on what you do best—without taking time away from your client projects. That's Black Ink.

We focus on three key forms of marketing for our clients:

Black Ink Strategies...Custom marketing plans for small- or medium-sized businesses at an affordable price.
Black Ink Services...Collateral, social media, websites and traditional marketing services humming along while you work.
Black Ink Mentoring...For the do-it-yourselfer who needs that extra push and accountability or brainstorming/idea sessions.

Black Ink Marketing works with both entrepreneurs and nonprofits. We've found that the needs are similar, but the audience is different. If you are or work with nonprofits, we can help you to maximize your fundraising or membership efforts. 

Our Ideal Clients

Business owners, independent service professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs with small- and medium-sized businesses that:

¦ need consistent marketing but don't have a marketing department ¦

¦ have done some marketing but are not seeing results ¦

¦ don't have a cohesive strategy or plan to follow ¦

¦ want to take their business to the next level ¦

¦ understand one marketing method alone won't work ¦

¦ want to do their own marketing but need expertise to back them up ¦